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Packing services by GoldFish Moving & Storage

Below is a brief insight into the packing services we provide. if you have any questions please feel free to call us on 01252 302341 

Room packed and ready to load

Full Packing Service

With this service, you literally do not lift a finger. Our packing team will generally come the day before moving with all the materials required and pack the entire contents of your home. Each box with clearly marked to indicate its content and room origin.

If this service falls within your budget, then in our opinion it is the best value for money service available.

Fragile items being packed

Part Packing service

If you do have time and wish to save some money. we can just pack part of your contents. Whether this be one or several rooms. For the majority of customers that select this service, they will opt to have the Kitchen and Fragiles packed for them (as these are the time consuming items) and we will then supply you with the packing material required to pack the remainder of the property. 

Customer doing their own packing

Self Packing

If you have plenty of time and want to save as much money on your move as possible, you can select to pack the entire contents yourself. Again, we can supply you with the correct quantity and type of material in advance. Thus cutting down on wastage and overspending on unused material.

Fragile items packed for transport

Export Wrapping Service

Usually this service is for customers moving overseas. However, if you have some delicate or fragile items that require additional packaging, then we can provide this additional service.

Please call us for a free quote

Truck being loaded for moving
Hanging clothes being packed into specilist boxes
Boxes packed and labelled for moving
Room is packed, mattress is wrapped all ready to be loaded onto removal truck
Deconstruction and packaging of expensive cabinet ready to move
Hanging clothes being packed
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