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Visa Information for Dubai, UAE

Visa information when moving to Dubai.
If you are moving to Dubai you are required to obtain a work permit and residency visa. Although you are able to legally buy a Dubai home without these documents your activities in the country will be restricted and you will not be able to stay there. Once you are in receipt of your Dubai visa you will be able to open a bank account, register for electricity and water and generally settle into your new life.

A Dubai visa for visitors
UK residents are entitled to a 60-day visitor Dubai visa, which they can obtain free on arrival in the city.

Relocating to Dubai with GoldFish Relocations

Relocating to Dubai – moving to Dubai and into your property in Dubai
Moving house can be a stressful experience at the best of times so relocating to
Dubai is fraught with extra complications. However, GoldFish Relocations carry out international moves every day and can help you when moving to Dubai.
Take time to choose the best way of getting yourself, your family and your belongings safely to your property in Dubai.

Relocating to Dubai – the options
The distance to Dubai restricts the options of how to get there and how much of your belongings you can take with you personally.

What's it really like living in Switzerland?

Many people think of Switzerland as a country full of mountains, watches, chocolate, banks, gold, and people loaded with money. To a large extent those swiss stereotypes are actually quite true; Switzerland is indeed a beautiful mountainous land, swiss watches and chocolates are some of the finest in the world, and Switzerland's stable government combined with successful banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industries have given rise to a large middle to upper-middle class.

The prospect of a safe and wealthy life in a land of great natural beauty, culture and clean streets lures many foreigners into seeking permanent establishment in Switzerland.

Swiss Customs Forms and Information

Swiss customs forms.pdf (PDF — 325 KB)

National & Public holidays in Switzerland

National and public holidays in Switzerland 2012
Here are some important dates in the Swiss holiday calendar.Public holidays in Switzerland are taken very seriously, with almost all shops and public institutions closed. If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, workers commonly take either the Monday or Friday off too, for a long weekend.

National and public holidays in Switzerland 2012

1 January-New Year's Day(Neujahrstag)
2 January* -Berchtold's Day(Berchtoldstag)
6 January* -

Residence & Work Permits for Switzerland

Residence and work permits in Switzerland
How to apply for a residency or work permit in Switzerland for you and your family.Related Articles
Switzerland has a high migration rate. Foreigners now make up more than a fifth of the Swiss population, with the number of foreigners increasing more than five-fold since WWII, compared to a total population increase of 60 percent.

Residence and work permits

Managing your mov abroad

Managing your move abroad
Relocating abroad? Be prepared! Kathy Dorf offers international movers this practical checklist of what needs to be done before you make the move.Related Articles:
Investigate your new country’s rules
Regulations and laws vary widely between countries so it is important to do your research before moving abroad.

5 books on living and working in Switzerland

5 books about working and living in Switzerland
Living and Working in Switzerland, 11th Edition: A Survival Handbook
Written in an entertaining style with a touch of humour, Living and Working in Switzerland is designed to provide newcomers with the practical information necessary for a relatively trouble-free life. It contents include finding a job, permits & visas, health, accommodation, finance, insurance, education, shopping, post office and telephone services, public transport, motoring, TV and radio, leisure, sports and much, much more.

Finding a home in Switzerland

Finding a family home when living in Zurich
To ensure you and your family really feel at home while living in Zurich, there is a lot to take into consideration when looking for your new house. Expatica spoke to expert Priska Hutterli, Zurich branch manager of Network Relocation, to get the best tips and latest info to help with the house hunt.Priska describes Zürich as a very family-friendly city with various options for expats looking for the right place for them. She says while there is no particular area specified for families, many internationals tend to settle near the two main schools on either side of the lake - Kusnacht and Zumikon on the right side (known as the “gold coast”), and Kilchberg and Thawil opposite (the “silver coast”).

Thinking of Moving to spain??

It Beats Australia, New Zealand and Canada Every Time !!!

There are lots of expat forums online and many of them discuss returning to the UK. Nearly all the discussion focusing on people returning to the UK is based on Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It can make for very sad reading when you discover that many people feel that they are 'trapped' in these countries and literally counting off the days until they return. The ones who return home report back to the forum expressing their relief at making it.