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checklist for moving house
Facts about Camberley
Taking your pets abroad
Voting from abroad
Cultural awareness


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Information on Fleet, Hampshire
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checklist for moving house

Resolve to book GoldFish Moving as soon as you exchange contracts and the completion date is set. Get at least three estimates from different firms and don't automatically accept the cheapest; you tend to get what you pay for. When comparing estimates, make sure you are comparing like with like. Are packing materials, boxes, cartons and crates and VAT all included? A few weeks before the move, the removal firm should send someone to establish what the move will entail. Now is the time to point out anything that needs special care and attention, such as antiques, computers, pictures, etc.

Facts about Camberley

Camberleyis a town inSurrey,England, situated 31 miles (50 km) southwest ofcentral London, in the corridor between theM3andM4 motorways. The town lies close to the borders of bothHampshireandBerkshire; the boundaries intersect on the western edge of the town where all three counties converge. It is the main town in the borough ofSurrey Heath. Camberley's suburbs include Crawley Hill, Heatherside, Yorktown and theOld Dean.
The town has a population of 30,155, whilst theAldershot Urban Area

Taking your pets abroad

If you're going abroad with your pet cat, dog or ferret, the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) could help avoid long quarantine periods when you return. Working guide dogs and hearing dogs may also travel on the scheme.  
The PETS scheme Pet travel rules, find out what you need to do if you are travelling with a pet on or after 1 January 2012 The scheme is designed to stop the spread of rabies and other diseases while still allowing pets to travel.The UK has been free of rabies for many years, but mammals are still at risk in some other countries.

Voting from abroad

If you move abroad, you can vote in general elections and European Union elections for up to 15 years, but you need to be registered. However, you can't vote in UK local government elections. You can also vote by post or proxy if you’ll be temporarily abroad on election day.
Registering as an overseas voterRegistering to voteFollow the link below to find out how to register to vote
If you are a British citizen living abroad who has registered to vote within the past 15 years, you can apply to be an overseas voter.

Cultural awareness

Understanding a country's laws and customs can help you adjust to a new home abroad. Daily life may be unsettling at first, so any preparation you do could help you adjust more quickly. Appreciating cultural and legal differences could also help you avoid potentially embarrassing or difficult situations.
Learn about a country's people and culture before visiting Before visiting a country, you can learn about its people and be aware of things like its customs, religion and language.

Exporting your vehicle

You’ll need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) when you are taking your vehicle out of the country on a permanent basis. If you are taking your vehicle or a hired vehicle on a temporary basis, you must take the appropriate documentation with you.
Taking your vehicle abroad for more than 12 months (permanent export) When a vehicle registered in the United Kingdom (UK) is taken out of the country for 12 months or more, it’s regarded as being permanently exported from the UK.

Preparing to move or retire abroad?

Moving abroad is a big step. Apart from considerations concerning family and friends, there are issues around pensions, tax and healthcare costs that you will need to be aware of. Here's a checklist to make sure you've got the essentials covered.
Moving to the EU? As a UK national, you have the right to live in any European Economic Area (EEA) country. If you intend to move to any other country, you should first visit the British Embassy website of that country for further information.

Farnborough Air Show

TheFarnborough International Airshowis a seven-day international trade fair for theaerospace industrywhich is held in even-numbered years in mid-July atFarnborough AirfieldinHampshire,England.
The airshow is organised by Farnborough International Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary ofADS Group Limited(A|D|S), a British aerospace industry organization, to demonstrate civilian and military aircraft to potential customers and investors. Along with theParis Air Show, which is held in odd-numbered years, Farnborough is an important event for the aerospace industry, known particularly for the announcement of new developments and orders.

Information on Fleet, Hamsphire

Fleetis a town andcivil parishin theHartdistrict ofHampshire, England, located 37 miles (60 km) south west ofLondon. It is part ofHart District. The 2007 population forecast for Fleet was 31,687. In 2011, Hart, of which Fleet is the main town, was voted the best place to live in the UK by the Halifax Quality of Life study, above areas such as Elmbridge in Surrey and Wokingham in Berkshire.
The site of Fleet was originally heathland in the northern part of theCrondallHundred. The name

Dubai properties - financial and legal help to secure your home in Dubai

The market for freehold Dubai properties is still in its infancy and, as such, will undergo many changes in the coming years. When you look at a property for sale in Dubai there is financial and legal information that will help you arrive at a decision about whether or not to take the plunge.

Your individual circumstances and taste will determine which home in Dubai is right for you. However, you should be armed with as much knowledge as possible in order that the deal proceeds smoothly and you avoid the pitfalls associated with buying Dubai properties.