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GoldFish – Removals and Storage Company for Woking & Byfleet, Surrey
Moving to or from Woking or Byfleet? Your home will be in safe hands with GoldFish Removals & Storage.
Are you moving home to Woking or Byfleet? Whether you’re moving your home and family from abroad to this desirable pocket of Surrey, just 20 miles Southwest of London, or taking advantage of rising house prices and moving further afield, let GoldFish Removals & Storage handle your belongings with care and professionalism.
Situated just 20 miles South West of London, bordering Surrey and Berkshire, it’s one of our most popular destinations along the M3/ M4 corridor. Naturally, you’ll want your move to go as smoothly as possible – so why trust a firm without a proven track-record and respect in the local community?
Our expertise and network of local resources will give you the peace of mind that money can’t buy. GoldFish Removals & Storage is a well known removals company in the local community and have a reputation to uphold. We strive to give the
very best customer service and whilst our removal costs are very competitive, we know that’s only part of the equation when you make the decision on which moving firm to chose. Put simply, our experience will prove invaluable in overcoming any obstacles whether you are moving to or from the Woking
or Byfleet area.
Peace of Mind
Export wrapping a sofaWith GoldFish you’ll benefit from our caring removals service and one point of contact. Whether you’re a homeowner moving home locally from Surrey to Hampshire from London to Glasgow, or simply seeking secure container storage, we’re here to help.
We can, for example, boast specialised removal vehicles and lifting equipment; packaging and storage facilities that leave nothing to chance; and staff who have been specially trained to make moving home as straight-forward and pleasurable as possible.
A few of the benefits of hiring GoldFish for your move to or from Woking or Byfleet
  • Our size allows us to be competitive than many other local removal companies in the Woking or Byfleet area.
  • Free estimates and advice for your removal to Woking or Byfleet.
  • We employ local people doing local work.
  • If extra vehicles or resources are required, we can despatch promptly from our HQ.
  • Employing a local company means we spend less traveling time to and from your home or business.
  • Intimate geographical knowledge of the Woking or Byfleet area.
  • We know the traffic flow, best times of day to move and we know where to park.
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  • If customers have problems with completion dates and times, we offer overnight storage (or for as long as you require).
Secure Storage Solutions In Woking or Byfleet
removals and storage 1We handle more than just removals. Moving to or from the desirable areas of Surrey or Hampshire and need a trustworthy flexible storage company? Whether you need storage overnight, monthly or indefinitely we’ll be happy to accommodate your storage requirements.
Let GoldFish Moving & Storage take the hassle out of storing your effects.
  • Storage container(s) are loaded on to our vehicle at our storage facility
  • Our vehicle will then transport the container(s) to your home/ offices premise
  • Contents packaged and loaded onsite
  • A detailed inventory on a per- container basis, outlining what is taken and in what condition

  • The Container(s) is then sealed and secured onsite
  • We will then transport the container(s) back to warehouse facility and unloaded into our Storage Warehouse
  • Your effects will then be stored securely until such time as you either require access or re-delivery.
  • When you require your goods to be delivered, we’ll simply carry out the process in reverse.
Our storage prices are cheaper than most other self-storage facilities in Hampshire and Surrey. Flexible storage – we can even deliver, collect and store your belongings for you. Friendly staff available on site: our experienced warehouse staff will be on hand to assist customers with packaging, loading and unloading. Discounts available for storage over 12 months
GoldFish take care of your homeOf course, it’s not just the calibre of our personnel that matters. We boast a modern fleet of specialised removal vehicles, lifting equipment, packaging and dedicated storage facilities.
GoldFish removals enjoy many partnerships and alliances with local firms around the  Woking and Byfleet area, including estate agents, electrical services, property maintenance companies and solicitors. Rather than just providing a removals service, we’re able to offer or recommend other complimentary services to help with your move.
Need expert removals advice ahead of your move to or from the Woking or Byfleet area?
GoldFish – your local removal and storage company
providing first-class solutions across the Woking or Byfleet area
“Safe, Simple,Secure”
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Telephone UK: 01252 302341 / Outside UK: 00 44 1252 302341
GoldFish Removalsin Woking & Byfleet, Surrey, provide a home removal service, GoldFish is a local removals company in Woking & Byfleet, Surrey, providing house removal quotes free of charge, GoldFish also provide storage in Woking & Byfleet, Surrey, UK. If you need a home removal quote for removal and storage services, then contact GoldFish – the house removal company. We can provide a part or entire house removal for customers looking to move to a property in Woking & Byfleet, Surrey.  Call 01252 302341 for a free no obligation removal quote, whether you are buying or renting a property in Woking & Byfleet, Surrey property/ house in Woking & Byfleet, Surrey, we have the removal vans to help you move house. GoldFish also provide a Business Relocation solution for your move to Woking & Byfleet, Surrey, visit our Business Relocations page for more information.